• 01: Connecting flights
    • 02: Scandilonga
    • 03: What’s in a dream
    • 04: Hope and fear
    • 05: Earth Matters
    • 06: Never waste a waltz
    • 07: Open up my heart
    • 08: Uno Dos Tres
    • 09: Femme Vidala
    • 10: Time waits for no one




Released in Scandinavia, April, 2012
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(2012) All music composed by Torben Westergaard
Printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.

All new music, arranged by Diego Schissi and performed by Torben Westergaard & The Tangofied Ensemble:
Guillermo Rubino (violin), Paula Pomeraniec (cello), Santiago Segret (bandoneón), Ismael Grossman (acoustic guitar), Diego Schissi (piano) & Torben Westergaard (bass)

What happens when the music of a Danish composer travels into the hands of a master Argentine arranger and pianist?
What happens when music from northern Europe meets and melts into the tango-tradition and rich culture of Buenos Aires?
One answer to these kind of questions could be the meeting of Diego Schissi and his extremely skilled musicians and danish composer and bassplayer Torben Westergaard

¿Qué sucede cuando la música de un compositor danés viaja hasta las manos de un maestro argentino, arreglista y pianista? 
¿Qué sucede cuando música del norte de Europa se reúne y funde con la tradición del tango y la riqueza cultural de Buenos Aires?
Una respuesta a este tipo de preguntas es el encuentro entre Diego Schissi y sus expertos musicos porteños y el compositor y bajista danés Torben Westergaard, tal como documenta este nuevo CD!

Behind the scenes in Buenos Aires, January 2012:  


The music coming full circle at M2Tango Studio: